Mini Custom Sheets
Mini Custom Sheets

Mini Custom Sheets

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Mini Custom Sheets

Mini sheets are business card size 3.5x2

You will have the option of purchasing single sheets or bundles.

For the bundles, you can only have up to 8 words. 1 word per sheet. It's not multiple words per sheet.

You will choose your font option- you have 1 to choose from options 1-4.

You will choose your sticker paper- matte or transparent.

For the 8 single sheets DOUBLE and TRIPLE- you will choose 8 words, and you will get double or triple the amount. These bundles give you a larger discount if you get more. You will still only have the 8 words, but you can double or triple your word. For DOUBLE it'll be an additional $12 for 8 sheets, and for TRIPLE it'll be an additional $9. Please note that doubling doesn't mean you get 16 words, you're buying the 8-word bundle and you're getting twice that order, same goes for a triple.

20 single custom sheets are for up to 20 words.

Do not forget to add your words in the notes section. If you happen to accidentally forget, NO WORRIES! Email me and we'll get you squared away!

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